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8 Real-Life Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

Fluffy, cuddly, rambunctious, yet innocent; there is not a single animal-lover who doesn’t melt at the sight of a tiny, meowing kitten or a sweet and clumsy puppy.

How could anyone resist those big eyes in such a small package, paired with that vivacious energy, ready to explore the world, while giving so much love and affection to their proud owners?

Adoptive pet parents -even if in theory, they do understand,- often forget the sobering fact that baby animals eventually all grow up, usually far sooner than any of us would imagine, much less, prepare for it. Gone are the cute little packages of joy.

If pet ownership was decided hastily, we might be left with nothing but great disappointments.

No matter how adorable they are, the truth is, the joy of pet ownership stems from making the right decisions for our lifestyles, along with being informed about the pros and cons of having a specific type of animal to share our day-to-day activities with, for many years -a decade or more- to come. Otherwise, frustration and boredom are sure to follow.

There is an age-old debate between lovers of cats and dog enthusiasts, each side confident about the superiority of their own choice compared to the opposing opinion.

It is not our place to argue; cats and dogs are both wonderful creatures, bringing many beautiful experiences and love into our lives as our faithful companions.

On the other hand, you may still be on the fence trying to decide whether a kitten or a puppy would make a better four-legged friend in your unique situation.

If so, we have collected a handful of excellent points that vouch for the fact that in many ways, owning a dog as a pet seems to be a superior experience compared to having a cat.

Interested? Read this article and see for yourself the 8 real-life reasons that make us believe that dogs are simply better pets than cats!

What Are the 8 Reasons That Prove That Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats?

Canine-lovers often attempt to prove their point about dogs being better than cats by suggesting that felines can’t -or can’t easily- be trained; however, many times they struggle coming up with more proof about the apparent benefits of dog ownership, compared to having a cat.

It’s an excellent argument, but there’s more! Just take a look below.

Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats

Actually, trainability is indeed one of the most important reasons that prove dogs are better pets than cats, and science is clearly in agreement with this observation.

Recently, as the National Geographic Magazine mentioned too, a group of researchers finally found an explanation behind the well-known phenomenon of the superior intelligence of dogs.

As it turns out, canines have about twice as many neurons -around 500 million- in the cerebral cortex of their brains than cats do.

Neurons are primarily responsible for transmitting information throughout the body and aiding the development of various cognitive functions, such as learning, the formation of memories, or maintaining attention.

The 250 million neurons found in a cat’s brain are not quite impressive compared to our canine friends’, which may explain why dogs are easier to train, why they remember new tricks that much longer, or why they have more problem-solving skills than cats.

The old observation about dogs being as intelligent as toddlers may be accurate, after all.

Dogs Keep You Active and Fit

Have you ever heard about the health benefits of taking 10,000 steps a day?

From helping weight loss to promoting cardiovascular health, longevity, and relieving stress, walking and being outside are all crucial to us, humans, to live a balanced life, especially in this modern day and age when we all are plagued by inactivity and sitting too much.

Having a dog can quickly help you to meet your health goals if you need to be more active on a daily basis.

Rain or shine, your four-legged friend will need their regular walks, and you simply won’t have an excuse anymore to not to get up from in front of your television – something that cat ownership just doesn’t require or can assist you with.

Dogs Help You to Make New Friends

Speaking of getting outside, isn’t it time for you to become more social and make some new friends?

Walking your dog is an excellent opportunity to meet new people; they are usually a cool bunch, sharing one healthy and exciting hobby with you already: loving nature and animals, especially dogs!

Cats don’t exactly help your social life; in fact, they themselves tend to be more loners, not necessarily requiring your attention and company even if you remain indoors between the four walls of your home. Sounds somewhat boring, day after day, doesn’t it?

Dogs Don’t Need Litter Boxes

There are other ways cats may ruin your social life. No, we are not talking about the industrial amount of cat hair on your clothes, furniture, or merely in the air, chasing even your best friends away; having a cat almost certainly means that all-permeating, sour smell of a litter box lingering in your house that even air fresheners have a trouble to mask.

Taking your dog out for a quick potty break is quite simple, even if you take time to collect their feces every time, as any responsible dog owner should.

Not having to deal with wet cat litter and its characteristic odor inside your home? Priceless!

Dogs Don’t Destroy Your Home As Cats Do

We all know examples contrary to this statement: digging dogs, champion chewers, and rowdy rippers.

Nevertheless, even if all that is taken into account, it’s safe to say that your dog is less likely to damage your home the way a cat can.

Have you ever seen a kitten climbing up on a curtain using their claws? How about jumping up on top of various furniture, chasing a fly?

What about a moody cat, knocking off your valuables or knick-knacks, no matter how high you place them on a shelf?

A Christmas tree wrestled to the ground, with broken ornaments scattered around?

Assuming you’re utilizing your dog’s innate intelligence and ability to learn, a well-trained canine will mostly stay out of such trouble, not only because they have been trained to be obedient, but because they love you and desire to please you.

Have you ever heard of a cat eagerly wanting to make their owner happy? Yep, we haven’t either.

Dogs Simply Care About You

As the website of Rover explains, dogs genuinely care about their owners and bond in ways that independent and less affectionate cats never can.

Canines actually pay attention to you, waiting for your feedback, and sincerely feel happy when you interact with them.

A dog that enthusiastically maintains eye contact or gazing at you is experiencing elevated levels of oxytocin, the hormone that promotes feeling safe, cozy, and loved.

They study your body language, immediately knowing whether you are happy, sad, or angry.

While it’s true that cats may notice these too, they rarely seem to care all that much.

You Can Share More Adventures With Your Dog

Have you ever tried going on an adventure with a cat? Chances are, you are lucky to have them trained well enough to tolerate a leash and a harness just to get out in Nature.

With a dog, the great exploration begins right where your cat’s patience usually runs out!

Not to mention, an adult cat often prefers to be left alone, doing their thing, day or night.

Dogs love to spend time with you, every day, all the time, no matter where you go or what you do.

Animal Planet has collected a list of fun outdoor activities your dog and you could enjoy doing together. Do you like hiking, swimming, camping, or sightseeing?

You can easily find places to go where you don’t need to leave your canine friend behind.

Dogs Protect You and Your Property

It doesn’t take a large and ferocious dog to fiercely protect their owner, the family, and the entire household.

Because canines are so attached to their two-legged pack, they are naturally alert to intruders and dangers lurking.

Even breeds that are not known about being perfect for guarding purposes can be trained to defend your house, explains PetHelpful.

If you are consistent, a stranger will never have the chance to surprise you, even if you have a small-sized dog.

Honestly, a cat doesn’t stand a chance in a home invasion, nor they can help you much.

I Know I Want a Dog; What Breed Should I Get as a Pet?

Did we convince you? Great! Getting a dog will probably be a life-changing experience, one that you will never forget.

A faithful canine pet-friend will keep you company for many years to come, through thick and thin, sharing in many fabulous adventures.

If you have no other purposes with getting a dog other than having a pet -that is, if you don’t need a service dog or a professional hunting companion, just to name a few unique scenarios,- you have a relatively simple task ahead of you.

It’s a task that, nevertheless, requires you to take a good and honest look at your lifestyle and circumstances.

First of all, Canine Journal suggests that you involve all your family members in the discussions about your new dog, as early as the desire to add a new four-legged family member to your pack, is born.

Together you should answer several questions, as sincerely as possible, to decide which breed suits you the best.

Responsible pet ownership begins with finding the best match for the life you already live.

Most people won’t revamp their lives in the long run; the initial enthusiasm often disappears amidst the demands of work, education, household duties, or relationships.

Pick the right fit to keep your puppy happy in your unique household for their entire lifetime.

Do you own a bigger home or renting a moderate-sized apartment with no yard access?

How much time can you realistically commit to walk and train your new puppy without having to put your other responsibilities on the back burner?

Do you have the patience to groom a long-haired dog’s coat regularly to keep it in top shape?

These are merely a few examples of the questions you should ask from yourself; the more details you can figure out ahead, the better, in the long run.

If you know that the goal is the mutual happiness of every pack member -human and canine alike,- you’re less likely to make quick decisions that you are likely to regret later.

What Is the Best Dog to Have as a Pet?

The answer is quite simple: the best dog to have is the one that you can give a forever home too not only tolerating one another’s presence but genuinely enjoying the time spent together and the fun of dog ownership.

There will be difficult times, too; it’s important to minimize troubles by making wise choices when selecting the right puppy for you.

For example, if you like the compact size of cats but want the benefits of having a dog, why not pick a Yorkshire Terrier?

Small and cuddly, yet smart and independent, Yorkies are fantastic family pets.

Owning a little dog makes you feel like having a kitten, except, of course, with all the added pros of dog ownership discussed above.

Take a look at this YouTube video, courtesy of Bright Side, to gather further ideas on selecting the right pet dog breed for you.

Final Thoughts; Are Dogs Better Pets Than Cats?

Cats or dogs, they are all wonderful creatures. When you take a good look at some real-life reasons, however, dogs seem to be the winners as pets, hands down.

When you take your time to pick the right breed for your unique situation, a pet dog will enrich your life in ways that an adorable kitten can’t begin to compete with!

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