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can dogs eat salmon

Should My Dog Eat Salmon?

Many fishing enthusiasts know: if summer, it’s the salmon season. There’s nothing quite like heading out on a boat with your friends, family members, and as a pet owner, maybe even your dog, to catch something delicious to eat for dinner or preserve in various ways for later consumption. Amongst […]

can dogs eat salt

SALTY DOG: Is It Okay If My Dog Eats Salt?

The Salty Dog is a cute name for a bar or restaurant, but in reality, salt can be harmful, even deadly to our canine friends. In small amounts, salt ingestion may cause annoying diarrhea, but a larger intake can cause severe symptoms like seizures. Dog owners can best protect their […]

Can Dogs Eat Grapes

Can Dogs Eat Grapes? A Guide

Your dog is your friend and an important member of the family. But dogs see us humans eat our food, and want to eat it, too. Sometimes they can’t help but get into things just because they’re so curious. Dogs are natural scavengers and will eat anything they deem edible. They evolved […]