Tibetan Mastiff Temperament

How to Get the Best Dog: Tibetan Mastiff Temperament

There is a special bond between dogs and their owners. Tibetan Mastiffs (TM) are one of the most highly coveted dog breeds around the world for their beauty, intelligence, and loyalty.

Tibetan Mastiffs make for great family pets and they are wonderful around children. The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, as well.

They date back to a time when they were used as guard dogs for the Tibetan royalty. Through the centuries, they’ve been used as sporting dogs, largely for shepherding flocks.

Tibetan Mastiffs Are Popular Pets

They Don’t Shed Fur

Recently, Tibetan Mastiffs are popular because of their reputation for being smartly loyal to their families. Another perk? While Tibetan Mastiffs have a beautifully luxurious, full coat of fur — they actually are a pretty low maintenance breed.

Unlike many dog breeds, the TMs don’t shed their fur throughout the year, according to the American Tibetan Mastiff Association.

Instead, they “blow” their coat of fur off twice a year. The period of time when they blow their seasonal coat lasts about 8 weeks. Otherwise, they don’t need regular trips to the groomers.

No Regular Trips to Dog Groomers

While it’s true they don’t need regular trips to the dog groomers for trims, Tibetan Mastiffs do have to be brushed regularly. To keep your dog’s fur coat looking its finest, you will want to brush your dog’s overcoat and undercoat anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week.

The TM fur is made up of a course, thick overcoat which is quite lengthy. It’s their overcoats that often gives them the appearance that resembles a lion.

Really, it’s the overcoat that makes the breed so popular, because it gives Tibetan Mastiffs an unmistakable appearance.

The Tibetan Mastiff’s undercoat, however, is just as important. The undercoat is dense, and so you have to brush both coats several times a week.

Interestingly, in spite of the fact that your dog has very full coats of fur, he will only need to be washed about once a month or so, depending on weather conditions.

Your dog will not carry that usual doggy scent and doesn’t require frequent washing. Because of TM’s unusual characteristic of not shedding her coat year-round, it’s a popular breed among people that have allergies.

Visit the Vet Early

Tibetan Mastiffs do share characteristics that are common with many larger breed dogs. They do have a tendency to have hip dysplasia, like many larger breeds. What is hip dysplasia?

It’s when the hip socket and leg bone don’t meet up as squarely as they should. It can lead to your dog showing a limp or having leg pain, especially in her back hips.

If you see any signs of your dog starting to favor one side or a back hip, be sure to get her to the veterinarian right away.

You’ll be happy to hear that hip dysplasia isn’t considered that serious of a veterinary issue, particularly if it’s caught early. You want to keep an eye on your Tibetan Mastiff puppy especially during the first 5 months.

Hip dysplasia often requires surgery if it’s not caught early in your dog’s life. Surgery can become more expansive and require several months of recovery time if the surgery is performed on an adult dog. If he’s still a puppy? It’s a far less serious procedure and has much quicker recovery time.

How to Prevent Hip Dysplasia?

The most important thing you can do to prevent hip dysplasia is to buy your puppy from a good breeder. However, keep in mind that even the best breeders can only do so much, and hip dysplasia is a very common issue among larger-breed dogs.

Besides purchasing from a reputable breeder, have pet insurance and take your dog to a skilled veterinarian shortly after you adopt or purchase your dog. Just like with children, early detection and treatment is the key to keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Tibetan Mastiffs Are Great With Kids

Tibetan Mastiffs are so popular with all kinds of great reasons. They’ve been bred for years to be sporting shepherd dogs, so they are very good with children in the home.

Because they were used as shepherding dogs for so many years, you want to bring them inside at night, or else they will tend to wake your neighbors with their protective nighttime barking.

Tibetan Mastiffs are gentle with children and elders, and they are equally good at being guard dogs in your home.

Because they’re known for their independence, you want to start training early. To have the greatest success, start crate training right away.

If you plan to walk them on a leash, get your puppy started with a leash as early as you can. Tibetan Mastiffs are gentle giants, but the males grow to an average of 100-160 lbs. when they are fully grown.

The females grow to an average of 75-125 lbs. It’s a smart idea to incorporate the use of a harness and leash so that you can maintain better control over your dog.

Tibetan Mastiffs are wonderful pets, but they require a lot of exercise and socialization to be happy. What does that mean for you?

It means that you’ll have a wonderfully behaved dog with a long life expectancy. It’s not uncommon for a Tibetan Mastiff to live 12 to 15 years, which is a long time for a larger breed of dogs.

Be sure to take your dog for a long walk at least once a day. In addition, you want to spend at least 30 minutes of playtime with your dog. Ideally, you should take your dog for a trip to the dog park — and anywhere else that you want your dog to become socialized.

Since your Tibetan Mastiff is such an intelligent breed, you’ll find that your dog can be rebellious and question you.

Eventually, with plenty of love and patience, your Tibetan Mastiff will make a great companion. Your Tibetan Mastiff is sure to be a loyal and beloved member of the family in no time.

Since you recognize that Tibetan Mastiffs require lots of love and guidance, you’ll want to try the following treats and toys.

Remember to switch our your dog’s toys and treats regularly, because a healthy rotation will stop your dog from getting bored. Consider the following toys and dog beds to keep your Tibetan Mastiff happy for years.

Indestructible 10 Large Dog Ball by Unbranded

Have a ball with your dog. This ball is sized to be comparable to a basketball, but it’s much more durable. It’s specifically built in the USA to be played with by large breed dogs.

Chew, chew, chew. Your Tibetan Mastiff will grow bored quickly if you always give him the same toys and treats. This breed is known for being independently minded and intelligent, so you have to constantly mix it up in terms of doggy chews. Your dog will thank you for it.

Try giving your dog some really good, premium quality bones to chew. They’ll last much longer than the little cheap plastic chew toys — and your dog will get more enjoyment from them.

All Natural Antler Dog Chew Elk Bone by Devil Dog Chews

These bones are the real deal, so it’s a perfect choice for your dog. They are natural and sourced in the wild. These chew bones are from the USA and sourced from a veterinarian-owned business.

Invest in quality, and you’ll see the rewards when your dog is well-behaved and kept busy happily chewing on his treats.

Himalayan Sherpa Yak Dog Chews by Sherpa Chews

These are long-lasting and completely natural. They are bully sticks bones that are an odor, stain, and gluten-free.

Chew, Part 2. Don’t be confused by these treats. They are designed to be digestible treats and aren’t intended to last like the Premium Antlers listed above.

These Sherpa chews are a healthy, gluten-free treat that your dog will chew on for a while, and then eat. No worries, because that’s what they are supposed to do. Keep your doggy happy with these top-quality treats.

Frame It All One Inch Series 4ft. x 4ft. x 11in. Composite Square Sandbox Kit

Tibetan Mastiffs are diggers by nature, and you want to remember that your dog is known for having a high degree of intelligence. He’s going to dig in the backyard whether you want him to or not.

Why not control where he digs, and make everyone happy? Buy this classic sandbox for your furry family member, and he’ll love you for life. Made of composite and recycled plastic, so it won’t rot or splinter.

Play Sand – 50 lbs.

You know what? Your sandbox isn’t complete without sand. This is the best deal on Amazon because it provides you with twice the sand for a great value price.

Genuine Brown Leather Dog Pulling Walking Harness in XLarge by Dogs My Love

Measurements: 35″-39.5″ Chest, 1.5″ Wide Straps

If you’re looking for a classic high-quality leather harness that will take you and your dog everywhere, then this is the harness to buy.

Made in the USA and built to last, using this harness will make walking the dog easier for you and for your dog.

The quality of this harness shows in the details, with wide straps made of genuine leather and nickel-plating on the metal hardware. Keep your dog walking around the neighborhood in style.

Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness by 2 Hounds Design

You’ll want to consider training your dog from the beginning to walk on a leash and use a harness. Keeping in mind that your Tibetan Mastiff is territorial by nature, it will help you immensely to keep everybody happy if you train your dog to use a harness.

Given your dog’s large size, she will be easier for you to control, and it will provide psychological comfort for your dog.

With a top-shelf harness, your dog won’t be able to pull so hard on the leash that she’s difficult for you to control. Keep visits to the dog park fun for the whole family and the whole neighborhood.

Extra Large Raised Dog Cot by Dianes K9 Creations for Dogs Up to 200 Pounds Size

This isn’t a dog bed as much as it’s a dog cot that you can use outdoors, like in the backyard. It’s a great idea to have for your Mastiff because your dog’s coat is full and requires some care.

Letting your dog have a place that’s just for him will allow him to rest outside off the ground, keeping him cooler — as well as keeping his coat cleaner. Made in the USA and built to last.

Simple upkeep with just hosing it off and letting it air dry. Guaranteed not to rust or crack from sun exposure.

Bully Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed that’s Waterproof for a Large or Extra Large Dog

Remember that it’s a good idea to spend a little money to buy a top-quality dog bed for your beloved pet. Why? Because your furry family member will spend a great deal of time on the bed — so you want it to last well.

This bed features a memory foam to provide a comfortable sleep. It’s also waterproof, which will make it easier for you to keep clean.

PLS Pet Paradise Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large Dogs

This dog bed is like the Mercedes Benz of dog beds. It’s made with high quality, washable materials and has the large size you want for your dog’s breed.

This bed is built for dogs that may be over 120 lbs., which you’ll want in order to give your pet plenty of room when they’re sleeping.

Because it’s made with more durable fabrics like corduroy, your bed will last a long time through many washing.

Importantly, it has a waterproof liner which will assist with keeping the dog bed base clean.

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