can dogs eat pickles

Dogs and Pickles: Is There a Problem Here?

Introduction  Dogs are pretty intelligent creatures. Anyone who owns a pooch knows this to be true. However, not every dog knows what foods will be harmful to her to eat. For this reason, your dog may want to share with you pickles or pickled items. The question is, should you […]

can dogs eat raw meat

Should I Feed My Dog Raw Meat?

It’s no surprise that our vocal, pack-loving, and very furry friends descended from wolves. Yes, even tiny Pomeranians! Wolves hunt in packs and are strict carnivores whereas dogs, just like us, are accustomed to an omnivorous diet. Humans also descended from people who only used to eat raw meat before […]

can dogs eat olives

Olives – Are They Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Don’t Let Your Dog Make You Feel Guilty  Does your dog make you feel guilty at dinner time? Most dogs will stare hopefully at you while you are eating, waiting for you to share whatever is on your plate. Many of us will give in to their pleading eyes and […]