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best time to neuter a dog

How Neutering Changes Your Dog

Neutering is a simple way to sterilize your dog so that he can’t have puppies. While it may seem like you’re taking something away, it’s actually a healthy thing to do for dogs because it can prevent certain diseases and bad behaviors. In addition, if you have other dogs that […]

How Much Does Dog Cataract Surgery Cost

How Much Does Dog Cataract Surgery Cost

Has your vet diagnosed your dog with cataracts? Surgery is typically the first response if a dog is deemed healthy enough for canine cataract surgery. If left untreated, it’s likely that your dog will go completely blind. This type of surgery can improve your dog’s life, but just how much […]

dog x ray cost

The Vet Says My Dog Needs X-Rays; How Much Will it Cost?

Those silly pooches Who doesn’t love happy, playful, loving dogs? However, sometimes they play too hard or run out in front of a careless motorist, or just don’t seem to be their usual selves, especially as they get older. In such cases, the veterinarian may order an x-ray as an essential […]

why dogs are better than cats

8 Real-Life Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

Fluffy, cuddly, rambunctious, yet innocent; there is not a single animal-lover who doesn’t melt at the sight of a tiny, meowing kitten or a sweet and clumsy puppy. How could anyone resist those big eyes in such a small package, paired with that vivacious energy, ready to explore the world, […]