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Best Way to Dispose of Dog Poop

Best Way to Dispose of Dog Poop

There are probably a few humbling moments in life, but there are none more than picking up your dog’s poop. Unfortunately, to be a pup parent, you have to learn to deal with the poo, too. While it can mess up your shoes, not picking up dog poop is a […]

best dog breed for seniors

What are the Best Dog Breeds for A Senior Citizen or Retiree

Dogs are known as man’s best friends because they’re loyal, compassionate, and intelligent creatures. They can be trained to do many useful tasks to fill the needs of their owners. Some breeds of domestic dogs are better suited to certain jobs than others. Senior citizens require very particular qualities from […]

best time to neuter a dog

How Neutering Changes Your Dog

Neutering is a simple way to sterilize your dog so that he can’t have puppies. While it may seem like you’re taking something away, it’s actually a healthy thing to do for dogs because it can prevent certain diseases and bad behaviors. In addition, if you have other dogs that […]

Interesting Facts About Pit Bulls

All We Are Saying Is Give Pits a Chance

Interesting Facts About Pit Bulls The American Pit Bull Terrier (also known as the Pit Bull) causes much confusion to the public. First, many people have long-held beliefs that this dog loves to fight. Second, many believe the so-called Pit Bull is a breed unto itself, but it’s actually a […]

Tibetan Mastiff Temperament

How to Get the Best Dog: Tibetan Mastiff Temperament

There is a special bond between dogs and their owners. Tibetan Mastiffs (TM) are one of the most highly coveted dog breeds around the world for their beauty, intelligence, and loyalty. Tibetan Mastiffs make for great family pets and they are wonderful around children. The Tibetan Mastiff is one of […]