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Best of New York Dog Parks

11 Best of New York Dog Parks [Free & Paid]

In an overcrowded city of just shy of nine million people, where in the world is man’s best friend to go? Big dogs on small patios deserve somewhere to run and play not just “do their business” and move on, so where do you take your dog for a day […]

how to tell if your female dog has mated

Help! I Think My Dog is Pregnant

Did you witness your dog mating? This is the most common question your veterinarian will ask the moment you suspect your dog might be pregnant. Perhaps the simplest way to determine the answer is to wait and see if she has puppies. Yikes! That method isn’t helpful for breeders, your […]

how to heal dog prolapse at home

Do’s and Dont’s of Healing a dog Prolapse at Home

One of the best features of people’s relationships with their dogs is the ability to help heal them when they are ailing. And yet few things inspire panic and helplessness like that first prolapse you spot. What should you do? Are there any home remedies you can apply to such […]

How to Make a Dog Vomit With Salt

How to Make a Dog Vomit With Salt

Your dog is a lot like a small toddler when it comes to swallowing things he shouldn’t. While he sometimes eats things because they taste good, sometimes, he swallows things as a way of exploring his environment or chewing on something to relieve anxiety. And while chewing on socks and […]

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky – Everything You Need To Know

Facts About Siberian Huskies The appearance of the Siberian Husky in films and photographs depicting their strength and beauty has captivated the imagination of dog lovers around the world. This outgoing, loyal, and mischevious dog can look quite serious and ready to get down to business one moment and then […]